"I think it's going to be part of the future." Dr I. Mendez

â–¶ Watch this new video made by @PattisonKids on the deployment of the MELODY Telerobotic Ultrasound System in Saskatchewan and its benefits for population.
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🤔It is not always easy to explain how the MELODY telerobotic ultrasound solution allows imaging experts to control an ultrasound probe from distance.

Hope these few images will help you understand the solution 🤩

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GUADELOUPE: Telerobotic ultrasound for Heart failure screening

"Heart failure is the first cardiac emergency at the University Hospital of Guadeloupe," according to the regional health agency (ARS). By 2014, the Picasso study, conducted in the Pointe-à-Pitre hospital's emergency department, showed a re-admission rate of 37% two months after admission to acute heart failure, A death rate of 18.8% after one month, and almost 37% at 6 months. MELODY tele-echocardiography technology makes it possible to "detect people at risk" and to "diagnose" people affected, Mona Hedreville assures. According to her, "60% of hospitalizations" for cardiac problems "could be avoided" thanks to this device. "It saves transportation costs, hospitalization, time...

European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2017

AdEchoTech will exhibit at the European Congress of Ragiology (ECR), annual meeting of the European Society of Radiology (ESR). It is a trend-setting, dynamic and service-oriented congress, well-known as one of the most innovative meetings within the scientific community, embedded in a unique and inspiring ambiance. This congress will take place in Vienna from 1st to 5th March 2017. Access to the WebSite....

European Hospital NewsPaper – Pr. Michel CLAUDON

New article into the European Hospital NewsPaper. Pr. Michel CLAUDON and his team (University Hospital of Nancy in France) share their experiences with MELODY: « The team were quite surprised at how quickly they adapted to using the system, within two-three examinations ‘to use a dummy probe honestly became completely natural’. Also the images provided are completely compatible with the hospital’s PACS, so they could be automatically archived for future reference.» Access to the full article....

Visit of the Telemedicine Center and the MOH in U.A.E.

As part of its commercial approach to U.A.E., AdEchoTech met in Dubai the MOH and in Abu Dhabi the Telemedicine Center ADTC. Photo of Dr. Eric LEFEBVRE with Mrs Sameera Al Obeidli and Mrs Maya Khouri....