Interview with Maurice Leroy – February 2016

Maurice Leroy, former Minister of Urban Affairs, member of the Loir-et-Cher department since 1997, and President of the General Council of Loir-et-Cher since 2004, shares his vision of expanding telemedicine in the organization of health care in our region.

« I am in a good position, living in Loir-et-Cher and in our beautiful Centre Val de Loir region, to talk about the shortage of medical staff problems.

While it may not be a departmental or even regional responsibility, it does fall under the federal government’s responsibility since it concerns public health. « Medical desertification » – the shortage of medical care in underserved areas – is not unique to rural areas.

I was the Minister of Urban Affairs in charge of the « Grand Paris » initiative and co-chaired, alongside Roselyne Bachelot, the Minister of Health, the « Grand Paris of health » committee.

Driven by demographics, the shortage of medical care is a major problem in both rural and urban areas. In major cities in France, you need to go to the ER after 6pm.

I am delighted to know about this MELODY robot project because this is exactly what will help counter this medical care shortage. Efforts made by companies like AdEchoTech are great way to further advance medical imaging and telemedicine.
This is how we can have a more well-thought-out regional development plan in terms of medical care demographics that meets the people’s expectations. And I am very happy that it is a French initiative, conceived in our own backyard. Proof that we have talent!

I am convinced that there will also be advances made abroad, since it solves a problem faced not only in rural areas. Telemedicine is really where the future lies.

I was able to experience it first hand, with two successive ministers of health, who were very impressed with this initiative. First and foremost, it’s a tangible, operational system, it’s not something that is forthcoming, it is right here and now. And not only will this help retain practitioners but also recruit physicians who will in fact want to come to our region because of the MELODY robot and its involvement.

Telemedicine, and particularly technologies such as MELODY that demonstrate it so wonderfully well, is how we will be able to not only maintain but grow the practice of medicine in multidisciplinary medical centers and general hospitals … and I think even in small medical facilities like Montoire in my district, in our beautiful Loire Valley.

Today, AdEchoTech’s MELODY system is growing in Saudi Arabia, Canada, the United States, and China. I am President of the France-Qatar Friendship Association in the National Assembly and I know that there are also possibilities for growth in the Gulf in Qatar.

AdEchoTech and MELODY deserve much success at the international level as well! «