Interview with Mr François Bonneau, President of the Regional Council – Loire valley region – July 2016

Interview with Mr François Bonneau, President of the Regional Council – Loire valley region – July 2016

Mr François Bonneau is Chairman of the Regional Council of Loire Valley since September 2007.

« This morning I am pleased to visit AdEchoTech, not to discover because they are subjects that fully mobilize the passion of the President of Region who I am. The AdEchoTech company allowed the implementation of this beautiful remote ultrasonography project.

This project represents an extraordinary promise in two respects.

First of all, medically where we can solve a number of situations in the patient’s interest. He can benefit from best technologies and equipment throughout the country and close to where he lives. Within the multidisciplinary nursing home, in the hospital … To have an ultrasound examination with the expertise of a specialist at the highest level and without requiring the person to travel 20, 50, 200 kms …

It can also be an attractive option economically because the traveling of patients and in particular I think of the elderly who use mobility aids entail costs and significant discomfort.

It is a great technology and we must insist on it for better care. When it comes to medical desertification, so if we have a territorial coverage of this remote ultrasonography system, then this notion of medical desertification disappears as far as the medical imaging is concerned.

The second element is an industrial, technological and innovation element. Today AdEchoTech has developed this system that we really enjoy supporting. Innovation between engineers and doctors who invent the technology of tomorrow.

The Val de Loire region is the 5th region out of 13 for the number of industrial jobs. We are therefore very pleased that this project expands across the region Centre-Val de Loire. This is a fabulous promise and industrial reality that please us a lot to support. That is why we are helping the project to participate in the trade shows abroad in order to deploy the system internationally, and we are supporting all aspects of this innovation. »