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Rutgers RWJ University Hospital Deploy MELODY in USA

Successful Transatlantic Cardiac Sonogram Testing Offers View into the Future of Remote-enabled Heart Care (New Brunswick, NJ) - The future of cardiac imaging arrived at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital (RWJUH), an RWJBarnabas Health facility, and Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS) last week via special delivery from France. The MELODY™ robotic tele-cardiac ultrasound technology is the first of its kind deployed in the United States for clinical use, and opens the door for providing patients with more access to expert diagnostic imaging in a convenient, telehealth delivery model. “Many cardiovascular diseases remain undetected for a long time and can be...

Pr Ivar MENDEZ Photo

Interview of Pr. Ivar MENDEZ, Fred H. Wigmore Professor and Provincial Head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Health Authority. « We’ve been interested in using technology as a tool to deliver care to the people that are in remote areas. In Canada, there is huge territorial extension with population that is dispersed in many small communities that do not have access to healthcare technology such as telemedicine and especially the remote robotic ultrasound system. Melody is going to be very important now and in the future to be able to deliver diagnostic processes to populations that...

MELODY selected to participate in GoGlobal Canada programme

AdEchoTech has been selected to participate in GoGlobal Canada programme supported by EIT Health Accelerator. The GoGlobal Canada programme provided 13 top European SMEs with a unique gateway to three recognised Canadian innovation hubs, which can act as major stepping stones into the North American market. EIT Health Accelerator is a business creation programme, set up to support the best and brightest health industry entrepreneurs. To tackle the future challenges of European healthcare, EIT Health Accelerator creates a favourable environment for innovation, providing skills and services to get promising business ideas into the market. The Accelerator pillar of EIT Health provides support to healthcare...

Canada 2018

« HOW ROBOTS ARE HELPING DOCTORS SAVE LIVES IN THE CANADIAN NORTH Remote communities often lack access to diagnostic ultrasonography services. This gap disproportionally affects Indigenous pregnant women in the Canadian North and results in increases in maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality. We are pioneering the use of an innovative tele-robotic ultrasound system that allows an expert sonographer to perform a diagnostic ultrasound study, in real time, in a distant location. Research shows that robotic ultrasonography is comparable to standard sonography and is accepted by most patients. » cf. article Pr. Ivar MENDEZ [embed][/embed]...