New Telerobotic System Research Initiative in Southern Saskatchewan Shaping Future of Health Care

In November 2022, St. Joseph’s Hospital in Gravelbourg, SK received the MELODY Telerobotic Ultrasound System as part of an exciting new research initiative allowing a sonographer based at a central location to manipulate a probe and remotely perform an ultrasound to distant sites, without the patient having to travel long distances to receive the care they need.

To date, over 300 ultrasound scans have been successfully performed using the MELODY Telerobotic Ultrasound System as part of this research project, with approximately 80% of these studies being obstetrical ultrasounds.

Remote Ultrasound at the Chateaubriant Hospital in France

Report produced on the use of the MELODY tele-ultrasound solution deployed at CH of Châteaubriant in France. The MELODY robot was set up following the retirement of the last radiologists in the region (population pool of 80,000 people).

This innovative solution opens up ultrasound by making it possible to work with any trained doctor anywhere in France. The tele-radiology company, holder of the contract with the GHT 44, is committed to the project to provide 6 sonographers to ensure the establishment’s vacations and the 3000 acts that can be performed with this solution.

« How robots are helping doctors save lives in the Canadian North »

« Remote communities often lack access to diagnostic ultrasonography services. This gap disproportionally affects Indigenous pregnant women in the Canadian North and results in increases in maternal and newborn morbidity and mortality.

We are pioneering the use of an innovative tele-robotic ultrasound system that allows an expert sonographer to perform a diagnostic ultrasound study, in real time, in a distant location.

Research shows that robotic ultrasonography is comparable to standard sonography and is accepted by most patients. »

cf. article Pr. Ivar MENDEZ

« Philippe HOMSI, AdEchoTech’s Export Director, introduces the MELODY robotic solution »

MELODY is a remote ultrasound system designed and marketed by AdEchoTech. This telemedicine tool allows an expert to perform an ultrasound procedure on a distant patient (hundreds of kms) under technical conditions which are very close to a conventional ultrasound, thus allowing the expert to engage his responsibility.

MELODY system helps make the regions less isolated where there is a lack of experts and it does improve patient care without moving the patient or the expert. Ultrasonography is often the first medical imaging exam used to explore patient complaints and is essential in the practice of many specialties.

Interview Pr. Mendez,  innovative tele-robotic ultrasound system at the University of Saskatchewan

Interview of Pr. Ivar MENDEZ, Fred H. Wigmore Professor and Provincial Head of the Department of Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan and Saskatchewan Health Authority.

« We’ve been interested in using technology as a tool to deliver care to the people that are in remote areas. In Canada, there is huge territorial extension with population that is dispersed in many small communities that do not have access to healthcare technology such as telemedicine and especially the remote robotic ultrasound system. Melody is going to be very important now and in the future to be able to deliver diagnostic processes to populations that need ultrasonographer in Canada. » cf. Pr. Ivar MENDEZ

MELODY Overview

This movie shows the Telemedicine MELODY solution of the AdEchoTech Company. Remote ultrasonography allows to the radiologist to realize in real time and away from the patient, the ultrasound diagnostic. Remote ultrasonography without borders is now possible.

Robotic at the service of E-Health: Mr. HOMSI, Export Manager, introduces MELODY

In this Interview during ArabHealth 2016, Mr. Philippe HOMSI, Export Manager of AdEchoTech, introduce the MELODY remote ultrasonography solution.
Robotic at the service of E-Health.
Video by Healthcare IT Media Portal

French Radiology Days, AdEchoTech participation

This French Radiology Days event took place at Paris convention center ‘Palais des congrès’ on October 16th through 19th 2015. This international-scale event brings together each year more than 12,000 delegates and visitors. The audience is mainly made of physicians Radiologists. Mrs. VIRELAUDE, radiology technician, reflects his experience with melody.