Interview Laetitia VIRELAUDE – October 2015

Mrs. Laetitia VIRELAUDE, technicians specialized in electro-radiology, user of the MELODY Patient Solution, Hospital of Lannemezan

« I am nurse at Lannemezan hospital for more than 12 years and we have been using the remote robotic ultrasound solution for several months.

15 days a month we have a radiologist on site and the other 15 days we operate through tele-radiology with a tele-radiology Company. The remote ultrasound robot offers our patients access to ultrasound examination during these 15 days.

Patients are not particularly surprised when informed that the examination will take place via videoconferencing with a robot manipulated remotely by a radiologist. Well, you will be with me, they are told that the nurse will be by their side holding the robot. And the patient can ask questions to the radiologist, and the radiologist may ask questions to the patients. This is very well accepted by the patients.»