"Nous avons été les premiers à expérimenter la télé-échographie cardiaque robotisée. Nous avons démontré que la technologie fonctionne très bien" Dr Mona Hédreville, cardiologue, utilisatrice du robot MELODY
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🍁These robot doctors are saving lives in remote parts of Canada. The robots are able to remotely examine patients, even performing diagnostics such as ultrasound

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Saskatoon University

Robotic Ultrasound Imaging: Improving Access to Care for Rural and Remote Populations (Canada) This article has been published into the European Health Management magazine. It describes the work of Dr. Ivar MENDEZ in Canada about the uses of the robotic remote ultrasound MELODY solution. « Approximately 20% of the Canadian population live in rural and remote communities with limited access to imaging due to lack of radiologists, technologists and infrastructure in these communities. Sonography is unique in that it is an operator- and user-dependent imaging modality and the skill and experience of the operator is paramount to accurate diagnosis. Telerobotic sonography opens up...

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ArabHealth 2017 – Booth Z2C34

AdEchoTech will exhibit at the ArabHealth exhibition. This congress will take place in Dubaï from 30th January to 2th February 2017. Demonstrations of remote ultrasonography will be performed on our booth Z2C34. For a live demo, do not hesitate to contact us before the event. Access to the WebSite....

RSNA 2016 communication: « Telerobotic Ultrasound System May Improve Access to Care in Underserved Areas »

During the annual event of the RSNA "Radiological Society of North America", Dr. Scott J. Adams of the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine introduce the MELODY study in Canada: "The use of a telerobotic ultrasound (US) system allows sonographers and radiologists to perform US exams remotely with minimal training and set-up. The approach may provide an opportunity to establish remote US clinics in areas lacking skilled sonographers and radiologists. Telerobotic sonography may facilitate routine studies, after-hours sonography for emergent cases, or access to subspecialized sonography which would otherwise not be available, said Scott J. Adams...

GUADELOUPE: Telerobotic ultrasound for Heart failure screening

"Heart failure is the first cardiac emergency at the University Hospital of Guadeloupe," according to the regional health agency (ARS). By 2014, the Picasso study, conducted in the Pointe-à-Pitre hospital's emergency department, showed a re-admission rate of 37% two months after admission to acute heart failure, A death rate of 18.8% after one month, and almost 37% at 6 months. MELODY tele-echocardiography technology makes it possible to "detect people at risk" and to "diagnose" people affected, Mona Hedreville assures. According to her, "60% of hospitalizations" for cardiac problems "could be avoided" thanks to this device. "It saves transportation costs, hospitalization, time...