Hospital of Saskatoon

Clinical study in Canada using a telerobotic ultrasound system MELODY to perform adult abdominal examinations

The study has demonstrated the big interest for the remote ultarsound system on the canadian territory to deliver care to people who live in remote areas.

MELODY is going to be very important to be able to deliver diagnostic processes to populations that need ultrasonography and will heavily contribute to the cut of their travelling cost.

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2016 report on robotic tele-ultrasound at the Hospital of Lannemezan since February 2014

This robot was initially validated between the Prison of Lannemezan and the Hospital. Then, in a second step, MELODY was installed in the Hospital to overcome the lack of radiologists on the spot.

« Advantages of the robotic tele-ultrasound system:

  • Reliable and powerful device, expands the medical services offered
  • Able to overcome the lack of medical resources and expands ultrasound capabilities, particularly for emergencies (2000 ultrasounds per year)
  • Improves the quality of patient care (lowers wait times for ultrasounds, reduces the number of exams with exposure to radiation)
  • Improves the quality of prisoner care (fewer extractions: approximately 40 extractions could be avoided every year)
  • Saves the community money (cost of one extraction: €700 to €2000). »

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Hospital Lannemenza
Hospital Belle Ile

Installation of robotic tele-ultrasound solution in the Hospital of Belle Île en Mer (France), Customer Feedback

« The Objectives were to:

  • Ensure proper healthcare is attainable at the local level
  • Expand advanced consultations
  • Continue to offer imaging services in collaboration with the Expert center
  • Reduce the number of medical transports and transfers »

Already 141 ultrasounds were performed over 3 months and all the actors (Patients, general practitioners, Radiologists) testified to be satisfied with the implementation of MELODY.

Access to the Customer Feedback.

Interview with Mr François Bonneau
President of the Regional Council – Loire valley region

« This morning I am pleased to visit AdEchoTech, not to discover because they are subjects that fully mobilize the passion of the President of Region who I am. The AdEchoTech company allowed the implementation of this beautiful remote ultrasonography project.

This project represents an extraordinary promise in two respects…« 

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Dr. Guy Benoit is a radiologist and user of the MELODY Expert solution.

« I must admit, I initially had some reservations about tele-ultrasound imaging. But when I tested the MELODY system, the videoconferencing feature, which allows the patient and physician to communicate with each other, completely won me over. It has somewhat revolutionized our notion of tele-imaging since the physician is no longer on-site, and the patient is still able to have a well-performed exam with very good results.  »

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The EHPAD nursing home acquired a MELODY system to help overcome the lack of radiology experts in the region. The Assistant Director, Mrs. Richard, attests,

« The ability to gain access to a medical expert ensures that patients receive the appropriate treatment without needing to consider location restrictions, given the shortage of medical care also affecting the imaging field.
Avoid the inconvenience and complications of traveling and long wait times (increased dependency, confusion, skin irritation).
Improved patient care. « 

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Maurice Leroy, former Minister of Urban Affairs, assemblyman of the Loir-et-Cher department since 1997, and President of the Loir-et-Cher General Council since 2004, shares his vision of expanding telemedicine in the organization of health care in our region

« This is how we can have a more well-thought-out regional development plan in terms of medical care demographics that meets the people’s expectations. And I am very happy that it is a French initiative, conceived in our own backyard. Proof that we have talent! »

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Laetitia Virelaude is an EKG technician in a major hospital and user of the MELODY Patient solution.

« We have a radiologist on-site for fifteen days of the month, and operate through teleradiology for the other fifteen days. Patients are not all that surprised when we tell them that the exam will be conducted via videoconference with a robot being maneuvered remotely by a radiologist. »

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